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UPDATED: MORE Free Alternatives To Autotune In 2020

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Originally published on October 23, 2018

The interface of Auto-Tune Pro
Auto-Tune Free Alternatives


MAutoPitch by Melda Productions

MAutoPitch by Melda Productions
MAutoPitch is a free Auto-Tune alternative

Looking for a free alternative to Antares Autotune? One free plugin we suggest is MAutoPitch by Melda Productions. It functions very similarly to AT and the interface will be familiar to users of Antares' world class pitch correction plugin. Download it free with their MFreeFXBundle.


*UPDATED from here on May 5, 2020

GSnap by GVST

According to their website:

* Use with subtle settings to nudge off-key vocals back in line.

* Extreme settings can create sounds like the famous T-Pain or Cher effect.

* MIDI control mode allows you to fit a recording to a new melody.

You can download GSnap HERE.


ReaTune by Cockos

If you need a free plugin that acts as an alternative to Auto-Tune but don't care if the GUI is top notch, then ReaTune might be a good move. It comes standard with Reaper but if you want to try it without switching from your DAW then you can download the ReaPlugs HERE. As a Reaper user myself, I can also recommend their graphical equalizer plugin, ReaEQ, is really precise and super lightweight.


x42-autotune by x42-plugins

As with GSnap, x42-autotune comes with a word of caution about trying to push it beyond it's scope. Also, as with GSnap, it has all the features you'd expect from a vocal pitch correction application. You can try it by downloading it from HERE.


Graillon by Auburn Sounds

Grallion DOES do pitch correction but it's purpose seems to be more about using that feature along with it's bitcrusher and how that mangles and distorts vocals. A bitcrusher is certainly not a common addition on an intonation correction plugin. There is a premium version but you can download the free version HERE.


KeroVee by g200kg

This one is definitely one of the best of the free Auto-Tune alternatives. It might even BE the best of the free group. It gets the job done and gives you much of the same control as AT does. For a smoother experience, in the event you need several instances open, they make the compact RoVee as well.

To download KeroVee click HERE. To get the smaller, RoVee click HERE.


Voloco by Resonant Cavity

Think: T-Pain. Voloco is more about being an effect than a serious pitch correction tool. It does work though and at zero cost. You can get Voloco HERE.


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