Our First Winner: Laboi Beats

We recently wrapped up our first BeatWav Beat Battle. One thing that really surprised us was the quality of the submissions. There wasn't a single submission that sucked. Most were quite good. But ultimately we had to choose a winner and it was a producer named Laboi Beats that was that winner. He really used the sample nicely. He didn't rely on it too much but he didn't disguise it either and his drums.... well, it was his drums that probably put him ahead. So, we got to know a little better by asking him a few questions.

BW: How long have you been making music?

LB: I've been making music (beats) for over 10 years but I didn't really get serious with it until about 2 years ago.

BW: What do you use?

LB: The DAWs that I use is FL Studio and Logic Pro X. The beat that I submitted was made using FL Studio.

BW: Who are your biggest musical influences?

LB: My biggest music influences I would have to say other producers such as Julez Jadon, Vybe Beats, Johnny Juliano. Love their work.

BW: One thing that stood out in your beat submission was your drums. What's your process with that?

LB: Putting drums together is no easy task. I have to constantly tweak this and tweak that til I hear a balance. But to simply put it, it's a loudness thing. Understand Analog vs digital sound. Then the true peaks. I'm not at my true potential but I do get it. Never went to school for it yet either.

You can check out his work here.

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