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Why And How You Should Be Selling Beats Directly From Your Facebook Page

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

So you have beats you've made. You've worked hard tweaking them to get them just right. Now it's time to sell them. There's a better way than sharing Soundcloud links or emailing each individual artist. Facebook is still, by far, the largest social media network and the easiest platform to target potential customers. In this article we'll be explaining how you can actually list, market and SELL your music directly from your Facebook Page.

Step 1: Create a Facebook Page

We recommend selecting "Brand" for your category.

Step 2: Upload your page's logo for the profile pic and cover photo. You can also now use video as well, which can make it look even better.

Step 3: Make the beat you'd like to sell into a video format. We recommend Wondershare's Filmora but there are a ton of other options including some really good free ones. Use your logo or any image or stock video that fits with the vibe of the track so that there's a visual while people listen to the track.

Step 4: Once you have the video rendered, upload it to your Facebook Page as a video post. This will serve as a way for artists to listen to the beat or snippet. There are several benefits to this. One is that Facebook prioritizes content that is uploaded to it's platform over outside links. If you just share a Youtube link then Facebook will make sure way less people see it than if you upload directly to Facebook.

Step 5: While your video is uploading, click the icon for "Tag A Product". This option will create a "Shop" tab on your page, which will serve as your Facebook Store. Upload your logo or artwork for the beat. Fill out the title and description fields.

Step 6: This step is VERY important. Facebook requires a link that customers can checkout with when they decide to purchase your beat or digital product. You can include your PayPal link but that may be a little janky. We recommend using an e-commerce platform. Your own website is ideal but there are several services that allow you to sell digital downloads. Once you have your beat uploaded to an e-commerce platform then use the link that allows customers to pay for that beat in the URL field as shown.

Step 7: Post the video. Now anybody can play the beat or snippet and if they like it they can simply click the product pic shown in between the video post and the comment section. This will take them directly to the URL you provided where they can checkout and you get paid. Do this for every track you want to sell. You can even run a Facebook Ad to target the people who like your page or anyone you think may be interested.

Now your beats can be previewed without Facebook suppressing them in the feed and without making artists leave Facebook to listen. They only leave Facebook when they're ready to purchase or download. If you found this useful or have any questions then let us know in comments, on our BeatWav Facebook Page or email us at

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